How it works

Spark*Connection helps you anywhere, anytime.

Because you think about your business 24/7, our Spark*Connection App uses voice to text technology so you don’t have to be at your computer to seek business advice.

Share your problem, not your identity.

When you use the Spark*Connection App, you and your business remain anonymous to our Think Tanks.

Our Think Tank help with your problem, while staying out of your business.

Our Think Tanks have decades of business and professional expertise which means they don’t need to know you or your business name to help you with your business problem.

Who are the Spark*Connection Think Tank?

Our Think Tanks are a community of experienced professionals and business owners with decades of real-world experience. Their backgrounds include the advertising, community development, construction, economic development, employment support, finance, fitness, local government, insurance, marketing, retail and veterinary sectors. We carefully screen the members of our Spark*Connection Think Tanks to ensure we only use business people and professionals with years of real-world experience.

Can I find out who is in the Spark*Connection Think Tank?

Our research has shown that Spark*Connection works best when both parties remain anonymous to each other. This means that as a business owner, you can relax and disclose your business problems as honestly as you like. In fact, the more information you provide, the easier it is for our Think Tanks to provide you with useful business advice. Not knowing your name and business name also ensures our Think Tanks provide objective advice, free of personal bias.

What will I get?

Our Think Tank have a 1 hour face-to-face meeting with each other to discuss your business problem or issue. At these meetings between four to six Think Tank members use their expertise to reach consensus on their advice for your business. This advice will contain a range of opinions and ideas that have been vetted by the whole Think Tank. This means that when you receive this advice online you can try what feels right for you and remain in control of your business.

Money isn’t everything.

Free business advice? What’s the catch? The Spark*Connection Think Tanks don’t need to be paid to help you with your business problem. Knowing that they have helped your business is thanks enough.

The app uses a fast and easy Voice to Text feature

All information is sent anonymously to our Business Think Tanks